I am currently working on my first novel. It’s called The Game and is set in Afghanistan. It examines the political interference in the country, through the stories of three characters – a western aid worker, a British security consultant and an Afghan translator.

Short stories of mine have been published in the literary journal The Open Ear.

You can also follow my current blog here on the website, reading about my recent work in Afghanistan, or look back at An Englishwoman in New York, the blog I wrote during my time working at the United Nations English language radio.

The Night-shift

I call “goodnight” to the security guard as I leave for home,

But outside, the night has all gone.

Instead the still, chill morning greets me.

The city, its Saturday night perfume evaporated, is subdued and dishevelled,

Hoping for a lie-in before the day begins properly.

Rubbish drifts lazily in the breeze,

Taxi drivers sit, waiting for their shifts to finish,

On a bench a couple lie,

their faces glued together with an exhausted intensity.

Tiredness drags at my eyes

I drive home on auto-pilot,

Home to my night, as the new day begins.